About The Company

We are a luxury home fragrance company, creating plant based/skin safe/pet safe scented candles that are sustainably derived and burns cleanly in your space.

Who We Are: At House of Amao, our mission is to explore the art of luxury and ambiance. We are a home fragrance company focused on creating handcrafted products with reduced toxicity, and zero waste in mind. It all started when I was desperate to make my home spell incredible without bringing home scents that would cause my husband to have headaches and allergies and with the birth of our child, I became much more cognizant of the toxins around us. In my search for a toxin free home fragrance, House of Amao was born. 


Why Our Candles Outperform The Rest: The House of Amao candles burn cleanly and evenly, ensuring no tunneling or wax wastage. Every candle also comes with a crackling wooden wick, which enables our customers to tap into a luxurious, long lasting, multi-sensorial experience with our products. To ensure our scented candles meet our high quality standards, we use:

  1. Luxurious coconut apricot wax (skin safe, plant based, sustainably derived, and does not have the same deforestation impact that soy does or the toxins found in paraffin wax)
  2. Crackling wooden wicks (for that extra zen moment)
  3. Fragrance oils that are free of phthalates, and parabens
  4. In-house scents - We aim for originality! In fact, 95% of our scents are created in-house to ensure your homes smells amazing, yet unique
  5. No artificial colors are used in making our candles
  6. Reusable jars and cleanable wax - our candles burn so cleanly and evenly due to the premium wax we use that it is incredibly easy to clean spilled, cooled wax (just wipe with a wet towel) or reuse our jars (clean with hot water and soap).

If our candles could speak, this is what they would say: We love making homes feel calm, joyful, and fulfilling because life can be hectic as is so there's no use getting worked up over your candles too.


-The House of Amao Team

Bulk + Wholesale

We are delighted to offer House of Amao candles in bulk for your gifting (personal & corporate) and stockist needs!

Our growth since launch (over 200% growth month after month) is a great indicator that our candles are the right choice.

If you'd like to learn more about our bulk discounts and size options or are interested in placing an order, click the button below to contact us.

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